Troytown Farm is the only dairy farm in Scilly and with only 9 milking cows, it might also be the smallest in the country. We make farming on such a small scale work by processing our own milk in our own little dairy and selling direct to our customers in our own farm shop. Troytown produce is also sold in pubs, caf├ęs and shops on St Agnes and around Scilly.

Troytown Farm has a tiny herd of Jersey and Ayrshire cows for milking. We keep a Devonshire Red bull who sires all the calves, which are reared non-intensively on downland and produce tasty beef. We also rear pigs, for pork and bacon.

As members of the Countryside Stewardship Scheme we leave field margins uncultivated which encourages a rich diversity of birdlife, butterflies and flowers. Mainland farmers are often amazed at what is produced on our 14 acres.

We deliver around Scilly to homes and holiday cottages, or place an order for collection from our farm shop.