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A large waffle cone with two scoops of ice cream, a chocolate or fudge stick and a dollop of clotted cream.

Ice Cream

Troytown ice cream is made in small batches in our tiny dairy and has a luxurious thick creamy texture due to the fresh whole milk, cream and many fresh ingredients we put in.

We have over 30 flavours, with a good selection on offer every day in our shop. New flavours are being invented all the time. Our little dairy shop sells cones, small tubs and family tubs to share. Troytown ice cream is now sold in the best restaurants, cafes and shops throughout the islands.

Clotted Cream

We make clotted cream in the traditional way and sell it by the 1/4 or 1/2 lb in our dairy shop and to trade customers around the islands. The perfect accompaniment to some fresh scones and jam and simply delicious with fresh strawberries.


Our Jersey and Ayrshire cows are milked in our little milking parlour and the buckets of milk are walked down the lane to the dairy where the milk is pasteurised and bottled by hand. We separate the cream to produce lower fat skimmed and semi-skimmed options. Our milk is not homogenised and the cream floats to the top - just like it is supposed to!


We use live bacteria cultures to make natural yogurt which we sell as it is or with a generous dollop of raspberry coulis, strawberry jam, honey or blackcurrant puree.



During the winter months, our excess clotted cream is churned to make butter which is shaped and printed by hand in the traditional way. Much of our butter is then frozen so it is available in the summer too.

Beef & Pork

We also sell meat from animals reared on the farm. Our animals live outside and are reared non-intensively in small numbers, so our meat is succulent and delicious.

Seasonal Vegetables

We grow potatoes and some other seasonal veg on the farm, which is sold when available, from the farm shop.

Other Local Produce available

Other farmers and local fishermen on the island also produce
Crab - Lobster - Fish - Apple Juice - Eggs - Strawberries - Vegetables
Which are available from honesty boxes or the local shop.