The most important of all the animals on the farm are Shamrock, Sundance, Rose, Honey, Westie, Sunset, Cilla, Humbug & Humble - our milking herd whose milk and cream goes into all of our lovely dairy produce. You will often see them around the farm, either grazing in a field or coming home at milking time.

Our Devon Ruby Red bull Ding Dong is rather distinctive due to his size. A very happy, laid back character, he sires all of our calves. The younger calves are usually kept near the campsite to let them get used to people, and they are pretty cute so our visitors like to give them a stroke.

We usually rear one or two litters of piglets every year for meat. They are fed on produce grown on the farm and sleep in an old converted water tank. We usually have bacon, chops, pork sausages and various other cuts available.

Our very friendly farm cat Fizzy and sometimes the odd chicken or duck can also be found around the farm.

The ladies
The farm cat
Ding Dong
Our laid-back bull
Photo by Getty Images