If you are planning your first visit to the Isles of Scilly, it can seem like a challenging place to get to.  Relax, it's easy when you know how...

Getting to St Agnes


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Troytown Farm Cottages and Campsite are located along a farm track which is rough and stony in places. If you are bringing a baby or small child, a backpack carrier or all-terrain pushchair is more suitable than a umbrella style buggy. There is a mobility scooter on St Agnes which is available to borrow if required. Please contact us for details.

The Cottage and The Croft are all on one level and have modern interiors, suitable for wheelchair users. The Flat is a far older building with smaller doorways and the living accommodation upstairs. Wheelchair users might find it difficult to reach the Campsite, due to the terrain around the site and the farm.

St Agnes does not have a bus or taxi service. Everywhere on the Island is within walking distance and although visitors are welcome to bring bicycles, many of the tracks are small and there are obstacles in places, so walking is the easiest and best way to get around the island.


With no mains water or natural springs on St Agnes, we are responsible for our own supply. We have our own deep borewells on the farm, and collect rainwater from all the roofs in storage tanks. This is filtered and treated with UV light before use. We have invested a lot in water production and storage, so we can offer our visitors normal facilities in the way of showers, flush toilets, and a washing machine. However, it is important that visitors to our small island appreciate that water is a precious commodity, and it should always be used with care and never wasted. Occasionally, after a prolonged dry spell, reserves can run low and some rationing may have to be imposed.


Being in such a unique and spectacular location we care a great deal about the environment and try to reduce negative impact on the islands and run a sustainable tourism business.

We generate our own electricity with solar panels around the roofs on the farm. We collect and use rainwater. Rubbish is sorted on the site so please take care to separate your waste into the appropriate bins for recycling and composting etc...

There is a great little shop on the island where you can buy general groceries and lots of local produce available (fish, seafood, vegetables, fruit, dairy produce) so we urge our visitors to keep food miles to a minimum and help the local area by buying locally. Please try to leave the islands as you find them.