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Q: Do I need to book the transfer from St Marys to St Agnes?

A: Not if you are coming on the Scillonian Ferry.  The ferry is always met at St Marys quay by another, smaller boat which will transfer you to St Agnes.  If you are flying to St Marys, please check the transfer times with the local boatman  The travel page has more information on travelling to St Agnes.

Q: Do I need to book the ferry from Penzance in advance?

A: I would strongly advise you to do so, especially at peak times.  You can book online at

Q: Is there a shop on the Island?

A: Yes.  St Agnes has a general shop and Post Office about 5 minutes walk from the site. They are small but well stocked, and can supply most things you will need. They have an online shop where you can pre-order groceries for your arrival.  We also have a small shop on site where we sell our own produce (milk, butter, cream, yogurt, ice cream, pork, beef) and camping fuels.

Q: When can I book for next year?

A: We start taking campsite bookings in October for the following season.  Self Catering and Bell Tent bookings are taken up to one year in advance.

Q: Can I bring my kayak(s)?

A: It is possible to bring kayaks to St Agnes by ferry. They must be booked onto the ferry and inter-island boat and there is an additional charge for this. You can hire kayaks from St Agnes Watersports which based on the beach below the campsite.

Q: Can I bring my bike(s)?

A: It is possible to bring bikes to St Agnes by ferry. They must be booked onto the ferry and inter-island boat and there is an additional charge for this. St Agnes is a small island and you will be able to get around on foot easily. I would advise that St Marys and Tresco are larger, so a bike would be useful for a day trip there... however you can hire a bike on each of these islands.

Q: Can I bring a car or a caravan to the island?

A: No. Cars and other vehicles must be left on the mainland.

Q: What is there to do on St Agnes / the Isles of Scilly?

A: Scilly is a great place for anyone with a sense of adventure, those looking for stunning scenery, or for those just wishing to 'escape'. The St Agnes pages on the site have lots of information about things to do.

Q: Where is the nearest beach?

A: There is a lovely sandy beach right on the edge of the campsite, another one a short stroll away. There are several sandy coves around the island including one just by the pub and a picture postcard sand bar connecting the Islands of St Agnes and Gugh. They are all within walking distance, and even in the high season, it is usually possible to find one all to yourself.

Q: How do I get all my gear to the campsite?

A: If you are travelling on the Scillonian Ferry, your luggage will be transferred to the St Agnes boat on arrival in St Marys. We will then meet that boat when it arrives on St Agnes quay and we can transfer the luggage to the site for you by tractor and trailer (there is a small charge for this). Baggage is handled manually so it is very important to pack your bags well and to limit the weight of any single bag to around 20KG. Every bag will need a yellow ST AGNES luggage tag (supplied on Penzance quay) so try not to have too many small, loose items in your luggage.  There is more information on the travel page.

Q: What will the weather be like?

A: This is the one we get asked the most, the simple answer is we don't know!   St Agnes gets similar weather to the rest of the UK - the climate is slightly milder (no frost and snow is very rare). We are a small island and hence very exposed to the elements, so when the wind blows you do notice!  My best advice is to be prepared for anything nature can throw at you and you can't go wrong.  The campsite has spectacular views and as a result, no tall hedges to shelter behind.  With a decent tent and the right clothing this is not a problem!  If very strong, gale force winds are forecast we might ask campers to move to a sheltered field behind the site until it passes through, but this is rare.

For a good weather forecast for the region, including wind and sea conditions, try, or

Q: Do you have electric hookups?

A: No. We do provide secure lockers with electric sockets in our campsite building for charging cameras, mobile phones and laptops etc…

Q: Do you have pre-erected tents?

A: Yes - we have a limited number of fully equipped and pre-erected Bell Tents to rent.

Q: Do you sell camping fuel?

A: We do.  You can get most types of commonly used camping fuels from us.  Meths, Parafin, Camping Gaz cartridges, refillable gas bottles, Coleman Gas, Sunngas, Petrol.

Q: Do you allow BBQs or campfires?

A: Yes.  We sell disposable BBQs and charcoal and we allow BBQs on site, but ask that you are careful not to singe the grass and are considerate to your neighbours.  Campfires are also allowed if you are using a firebowl, or on the beach adjacent to the site, again please take care not to damage the grass on the site.

Q: Can I book a particular pitch on the site?

A: No.  The site does not have marked pitches and we operate a first come first served basis.  We do try to get everybody a spot they like but can’t give any guarantees.  The site is small and every pitch is close to the facilities, the beach and has lovely sea views.

Q: How far is the campsite from..... ?

A: The grocery shop is around 5 minutes walk, the pub and the quay are around 15 minutes walk away and our farm shop is about a 30 second stroll.

Q: Can I bring my dog?

A: Maybe!  We do allow dogs on the campsite BUT we do have a maximum number we allow on the site at one time. You do need to check with us when you book if you wish to bring a dog.  During the school summer holidays we have a strict policy of one dog per party.

Q: I need to cancel - can you refund my deposit?

A: The short answer is no - although you may be able to transfer it to another booking. Full booking terms and conditions are here.

Q: Do you allow dogs in the bell tents?

A: No. If you are keen to bring your dog, we are happy for you to bring a small tent for it to stay in. We do have to keep the bell tents dog free as they have been known to damage the tents, beds, etc... Sorry.

Q: Can we bring more than four people for a bell tent?

A: Four is the maximum that can comfortably stay in one tent.  Subject to availability, you can bring a small tent with you and pay standard camping rates for any extra people.

Q: What equipment do you supply?

A: Specifically - A 4 metre diameter canvas bell tent containing:

Can Opener, Corkscrew
China crockery (6 x bowls, plates, side plates)
Cutlery (6 x knives, forks, spoons, teaspoons)
Spatulas & wooden spoons
Knives - 2 x chopping knives and a bread knife
Chopping board
Cheese grater, masher, peeler
Pans (2), frying pan & Kettle
Acrylic tumblers x 6
Family sized cool box with ice packs
Picnic Table
Camping stove with 2 x burners and grill
Camping gas & lighter
Camping chairs
Washing bowl, washing up brush, tea towels
Storage Boxes x 2
Dustpan & brush
Lantern and decorative lights
Rugs & doormats
BBQ available on request
Buckets, spades, crabbing lines on request
Airbeds (10cm thick thermarest type sleeping mats)
Q: What equipment do we need to bring with us?

A: Bedding.  Whatever you prefer - sleeping bag, duvet, pillows etc... I would also suggest that you bring a torch (the island has no streetlights).

Q: Where are the bell tents located on the site?

A: They are always located in good pitches, with great views.  The exact location on the site will change occasionally to allow the grass below to recover so we can't say for sure exactly where they will be located.

Q: I need to cancel - can you refund my deposit?

A: The short answer is no - although you may be able to transfer it to another booking. Full booking terms and conditions are here.

Q: Can I bring my dog?

A: Maybe! We do allow dogs in the Chalet and the Cottage but not in the Flat. There is an additional charge for dogs.

Q: What time will our accommodation be ready for us?

A: We aim to have accommodation ready for you by around midday on the day of your arrival. This usually fits in well with boat transfer times and means that you won't have to wait to get into your accommodation after you arrive on the island..

Q: What time do we have to vacate the let?

A: We don't have a strict policy but ask that you allow time for us to clean before the next visitors arrive so that usually means vacating by around 10am on the day of departure. If you plan to leave the island later in the day that is fine - we can look after your luggage and deliver it to whichever boat you specify.

Q: I need to cancel - can you refund my deposit?

A: The short answer is no - although you may be able to transfer it to another booking. Full booking terms and conditions are here.